Jeff Sultanof


About Me

Who I am, What I’ve Done, and the Services I Offer

This website has information on my various activities. I am a:

  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Conductor
  • Historian
  • Editor (Music as well as text)
  • Writer (Articles on music of all types, motion pictures, television, and recordings)
  • Teacher

I invite you to explore, discover and ask questions. I would love to create music for you, assist you in writing a Teacher Guide or Textbook, conduct your ensemble, work with students (I have New Jersey certifications in K-5 Classroom, Music, and Library/Media, and have taught courses in colleges on the Bachelors and Masters levels, as well as trade schools), write an article for your publication, and edit your music.


World-famous clarinetist and friend Ken Peplowski will be premiering my Clarinet Concerto later this year. Details will be forthcoming when they can be made public. 

I will be presenting at the Jazz Education Network on January 8th, 2020 in New Orleans. The subject is the library of Charlie Parker with ensembles. Hope to see you there!!!

Please check back to read an article I am currently writing on the Studio Orchestra. I will be writing arrangements for this type of ensemble in the coming months. They will be available from Jazz Lines Publications.