Jeff Sultanof


Reviews and Endorsements

I have known Jeffrey Sultanof for twenty-five years. I have watched him grow – from a talented kid to the consummate professional he is now.

I find him to be a fine arranger (writing from his head, oftentimes, directly to the individual parts; he’s a copyist too). His conducting is sure and sensitive, and he demonstrates a rhythmic sense that is absolutely wonderful.

He takes his composing seriously, and has the ability to see into the heart of music.

Mr. Sultanof has developed a rare insight, and puts his finger on just what is right or wrong with what he’s examining (hearing, reading, whatever) and thereby has acquired great critical acumen.

As a musical historian, he is truly to be reckoned with, a walking encyclopedia that publishing companies recognize and value.

He brings an energy and dedication to everything he addresses, his enthusiasm never waning….

Most of all he’s honest, and uncomplicated – a man of loyalty and compassion and an asset to any project that involves him.

Jerry Graff – 11-21-96

When it comes to teaching, Jeffrey Sultanof prepares you for the real world. I had the honor of being one of his music business students, and was always impressed by the knowledge, advice, and stories he had to share. He helped me expand my level of thinking, and gave me that much more confidence for my career path and life in general. The exercises, lessons, and discussions never leave me and play a part of my every day life now.

Elizabeth Luthringer – Student at the Institute of Audio Research

For those of us who care about American music, Jeffrey Sultanof is a national treasure.
Tom Myron – Composer
I want to thank you for all that you have taught me these past three to four years. I will always remember you as a teacher who cared and inspired me.
Kathy Hallock – Student at Five Towns College
“Pianists seeking variations on some of American Popular Music’s favorite themes will want to investigate Warner Bros. Adventures in Piano Literature: The Piano Concepts Series, which consists of advanced piano solos….In my traversal of the series, a clear front runner has emerged: The Best of Dietz and Schwartz with its 12 selections cast in imaginative yet thoroughly idiomatic arrangements by Jeff Sultanof….the arrangements are not merely slight alterations of the standard ones….the left-hand parts are consistently lively, and the whole program seems infused with the spirit of the composers themselves. In short, this volume is a triumph, a prime example of high artistry inspiring more of same.
Stuart Isacoff – Sheet Music Magazine (November/December, 1990)
“I am getting a kick out of looking at the scores.”
Ed Jablonski, biographer of George and Ira Gershwin, responding to the 4 Gershwin Facsimile Editions – December 9, 1988.
“This is a solid job of music writing that is fun to play. I hope we get to play more of your music.”
Jim Berman, trombonist and contractor with the Palm Beach Pops, commenting on the “Tony Bennett Medley” written for that orchestra.
“You are an excellent conductor. Where have you been hiding??”
Violinist at recording date – 1981.
“I brought Jeff in to guest with the orchestra and I was struck immediately by his leadership skills as he gave the young musicians a) precise direction, b) musician to musician encouragement, c) exciting new repertoire drawn from virtually each period of jazz history and most of all, in that very first session he got yet another sound out of a band I had trained in many styles. I was particularly struck by the way Jeff accomplished the latter through concise, cogent direction by gesture and minimal explanation. All of this brought me very quickly to the decision to make Jeff our inaugural Principal Guest Conductor….I was struck most of all by the minimal available time our guests had with our young musicians…Jeff did not waste a minute of this valuable time as all his performances showed….His keen eye for making anything related to music notation very readable was recognized by Warner Bros. Publishing and Nelson Riddle when he published his arranging book. Robert Farnon, the legend of orchestral writing in this idiom chose Jeff to edit the notation on his scores. I am presently working very closely with Rosemary Riddle Acerra, Nelson’s daughter and trustee of Nelson Riddle estate and have enjoyed the benefits of being able  to consult with Jeff regarding this music at various points.”
David O’Rourke – Composer/Arranger/Guitarist/director of the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra – 10/25/2005