Jeff Sultanof


About Me

Who I am, What I’ve Done, and the Services I Offer

This website has information on my various activities. I am a:

  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Conductor
  • Historian
  • Editor (Music as well as text)
  • Writer (Articles on music of all types, motion pictures, television, and recordings)
  • Teacher (Assistant Professor at Five Towns College)

I invite you to explore, discover and ask questions. I would love to create music for you, assist you in writing a Teacher Guide or Textbook, conduct your ensemble, work with students (I have New Jersey certifications in K-5 Classroom, Music, and Library/Media, and have taught courses in colleges on the Bachelors and Masters levels, as well as trade schools), write an article for your publication, and edit your music.


I am currently writing a Piano Concerto for Ted Rosenthal, as well as new arrangements for Jazz Ensemble and Studio Ensemble.

I have a new blog on It is called The Eclectic’s Corner: About the Arts. There will be a free version and a pay version. Among the bonuses in the pay version is my arranging course, which will include a handbook that I distributed to my Five Towns Masters and Doctoral students.